Meet Our Group

We are a team of licensed and insured general contractors with a background in construction, engineering, project management, and real estate. Let us help you.

Victoria Morris, Knoxville TN


Victoria holds dual bachelor's degrees in business finance and business education. She has completed over 50 major renovations on single and multi-family properties in the last 3 years. Victoria is a construction manager, property manager, real estate investor and broker.

Jason Fulgham, Knoxville TN


Jason holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Tennessee.  He comes from the power industry where he managed multi-million dollar design-build projects, and has also been renovating, designing and building houses since 2004.  Prior to that he overhauled aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines with the Navy.  Jason is a certified project manager and licensed home inspector.

Fred Morris, Knoxville TN


Fred holds a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Fairmont State University. He has practiced as a structural engineer for over 20 years in residential, commercial, and industrial construction focusing on foundation, framing and structural steel design. Fred is a construction manager, real estate investor and affiliate broker.